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Our world was much larger then. The forest went on forever. We tree spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans. Then, as sometimes happens, the balance of nature shifted, and Hexxus the very spirit of destruction rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down his poison. The forest was nearly destroyed. Many lives were lost and the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most think, they didn’t survive. It was only by calling up the magical powers of nature that I was able to trap Hexxus inside an enchanted tree and saved FernGully.

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Animated NON-Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks heroines

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welcome to the 12th inning of a college baseball game

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I just have a lot of love for this gif.


most amazing feeling to wake up in fresh mountain air, look out through a cozy tent and see nothing but ocean, waves, and nature for miles. Camping in Big Sur was a trip


Date night

I don’t know what happened,
I like to think you got 
swept away in the sea
because I know how you
love the beach but really,
I think you just got tired of
me and I’ve been looking for
you in cigarette smoke and 
the blood in the sink and
your fingertips left scars
on my skin but I still
miss the way it felt when
you touched me
- wherever you are I hope you’re good. I hope you miss me even half as much as I miss you.